Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | WGC Bridgestone Invitational 2017 | PGA

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | WGC Bridgestone Invitational 2017 | PGA

It’s the WGC and that means Top 70 players and/or invites get to play. Everyone makes the cut. Firestone Golf and Country Club, a place that would never let me be a member because I’m way too cool. It’s a Par 70, 7400 yard test of golf. A course that rewards staying on the fairways and sticking the ball close to the pins…… in theory. If you actually look at the fairways hit over the years, it didn’t matter that much. So what did matter? We did some digging over the last 22 years and noticed that the Top 10’s usually were littered with players that could hit solid approach shots from 200 plus yards. So if you can’t hit it from 200 plus, you aren’t making our teams this week.┬áIn the years of their top 10’s, players usually show up in the Top 80 in that category, so that’s what we’ll be using as a cut off, unless you’re in solid form at the moment. Also, in the last 22 years, only 2 winners have not won a major before. If you remove Tiger Woods’ 8 wins and give them to the runner up, only 4 winners had not won a major before. Of those 4 players, Henrik Stenson has since won a major as well.

What else may we be looking for? Scrambling. These greens aren’t big. So if you’re missing the greens and fairways, you better be good at cleaning up your messes. Like always, it all comes down to a putting contest, so we always love taking guys who are solid in SGP. On top of that, we are big fans of form. Who isn’t? So to recap: Approaches from 200 yards plus, Scrambling, SGP, and Form.

That concludes this weeks preview and you can go fuck yourself.

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