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Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Waste Management Phoenix Open 2019

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Waste Management Phoenix Open 2019

We’re back at the site of our most painful defeat. Four years ago, with the final group headed to the 18th hole, I sat in first place in the big Draftkings Tournament of the week. $12,000 would go to the winner. Martin Laird had just come off the 17th with a bogey, making me squirm more than I wanted to, but all I needed was a par on the 18th. It would have secured Martin Laird a tie for second place amongst many others, and I would claim victory. Then, like I knew it would, disaster struck of mammoth proportions. Now one shot down, instead of playing it safe up the right hand side, Laird took a line over the water, if you could call it a line. Nerves got the best of him on this day. It was a pure shank right off the club face. I mean, it wasn’t even close. It looked like a dying bird with a life full of regrets. At that moment, my hopes to win were gone, and I was now in damage control. Laird managed to salvage double bogey, and I still managed a solid 3rd place finish in a massive GPP. However, the bogey on 17, and the shank on 18, will haunt my nightmares forever. 

Now onto the course.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open may host the most exciting final four holes in golf. There are two eagle opportunities with the Par 5,15th, and the short par 4, 17th. Throw in the raucous crowd at the par 3, 16th, and you have a recipe for mayhem coming down the stretch at the TPC Scottsdale.

The course is a Par 71, measuring 7216 yards, with 79 sand bunkers which are strategically placed around the greens and on the fairways. There are also six holes which feature water, including 3 of the last 4 holes. Scoring is generally low, so players can be aggressive on this course, however they have to pick their moments as several holes can jump up and bite you hard. 


So what are we looking for this week? Players that make birdies are priority number one. You must score here, so we’re looking for top birdie or better percentage players and top strokes gained approach players as well. Also, longer players have a slight advantage as you can still get at these flags out of the rough, so give those guys a slight bump. We like players that putt well on overseeded-bermuda greens, plus we’ll also look at horses for courses this week, as there are many.

That’s it for this week and Good Luck To All.

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