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Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Greenbrier Classic 2017

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | Greenbrier Classic 2017 | PGA 

It’s Tuesday. I’m still in bed. I can barely read this screen. OH, Happy 4th of July you American assholes. I hope you all enjoy setting of fireworks and maybe shooting other people today. I expect to see a news day filled with gun accidents. Where am I going with this? No idea. This intro is quite useless and unpredictable. In fact, it kind of reminds me of the Greenbrier Classic a little. No one has been able to predict a winner of this tournament over the years. It’s been a giant crapshoot and this year, it’s no different. What a horrible intro. I should retire.

The Old White Course. measures at 7,274 yards and is only a Par 70. When looking for stats that correlate here, uhhhhhhh, well, it’s tough. Obviously Par 4 Scoring helps as it is a Par 70. Like every week, being a solid putter helps a lot. But what is the type of golfer we’re looking for? 

If you look into the stats at the players that seem to do well here, you’ll notice as a whole, they are Above Average in: Strokes Gained Tee To Green, All Around Ranking, Putting (Even Ted Potter Jr. was ranked 50th one year), and Par 4 Scoring. Also, they have all fluctuated with their proximity ratings. We will get back to that in a second though. Just wanted to point it out right now.

Now that we’ve labeled some stats that we’re looking for, let us also say this. The course doesn’t play very difficult, so finding a player in hot form will trump everything in our opinion. All tournaments come down to a putting contest, but on a course where the average GIR for the week is between 69%-70%, which means everyone is getting to the greens in two quite easily, dropping your putts on a consistent basis becomes an even bigger deal. Also, when everyone is hitting the greens in two, to make putts, it’s much easier if your proximity to the hole is much closer than others. So we will be paying close attention to those types of players as well this week.

Not rocket science this week folks.

So that’s the short sweet story from us today. We aren’t going to overthink it much this week and we will also not overlook many of the players that missed last weeks cut either. We’ll be back with more soon.


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