Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Genesis Open 2018

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Genesis Open 2018

It’s time for Dustin Johnson’s favorite tourney! We love this course and we’re also pretty happy to be back to a regular cut weekend. Last week was just way too slow because of the celebrities and the coverage kinda sucked. It was as if Phil Mickelson was the only person on the course or maybe the last golfer in the world. SHOW OTHER PLAYERS!!!! Rant over…Let’s get to the course.

It’s time for the PGA Genesis Open 2017 at the prestigious Riviera Golf & Country Club. The course is a par 71, 7,279 yards  with Poa Annua greens and Kikuyu Grass fairways. The course record for competitive play is 61, which is 10 under par, shot by Ted Tryba in 1999. The course record for the lowest nine holes was 28 (seven under par on the front nine), shot by Andrew Macgee in the 1991 L.A. Open.

When looking at the winning scores over the years, they range from  -7 all the way to -19. That’s a huge swing. For the most part, Par 5 scoring is a huge deal here, and for the winner, it usually comprises at least half their final score. Because the longest hitters can only hit the final two Par 5’s in two, that gives them a slight advantage, but length off the tee isn’t the be all and end all stat of this tournament.

Hitting the fairways are very difficult here due to their tightness, so with more shots being hit from the rough, we’re more inclined to look at Rough Proximity. Why Rough Proximity? Because the greens at this course are smaller than normal, so proximity to the hole matters more than greens in regulation. Since the greens are small, players will also be missing more greens too, so being a solid scrambler from 20 yards in is also a big stat in our opinion.

If you look at the length, rough proximity, and scrambling with 20 yards trio, you’ll see some  of the players that play well here can mix it up in all three categories, but many have the Rough Proximity/Scrambling combo. So besides these categories, take a look at history, form, and of course, players that can putt on Poa Annua greens.



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