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Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | PGA Championship Quail Hollow 2017

It’s  PGA Championship 2017 time from Quail Hollow and everyone under the sun is going to be on Rory Mcilroy due to his past history on the course, plus there is some expected showers this week too. Everyone knows that’s the recipe Rory loves.

The Quail Hollow course is a 7,467-yard par 71, featuring three par 5’s and four par 3’s. Riveting stuff, I know. Taking advantage of the Par 5’s is a huge key to winning. Also, there have been a lot of players with solid US Open histories that have played well here and you should keep that in mind when selecting players. Strokes Gained off the tee has been a big key to winning here so keep your eye on that stat too. 

The front nine of this course has had the most alterations for this event. Plus, the greens have been reseeded with Champion Bermuda. They didn’t reseed the rough this year so it’s pure Bermuda rough as well. However, we don’t think the alterations will change how this course is played. It’s a long tight course and you’re going to miss many fairways. The biggest difference will be the rough and what they will do about its length. As of right now, we here that the rough is not high at all. However, due to the wet weather coming, it’s possible they are letting it grow into place instead of doing a late cut. If the rough isn’t a factor, then bombs away. If it is long, then you may want to mix other player types into your mix. Keep your ears to the ground on this one.

It’s rare that you have a course where you can arguably have 4-5 legit eagle chances, as the Par 5’s are reachable in two and there are two drivable Par 4’s for the very long hitters. Throw in three 200 yard plus Par 3 holes, one being 250 yards, and you can see why long driving or long hitters have chances to score here. It’s no coincidence that Rory Mcilroy, the best driver of the golf ball, wins here.

So that’s the news. In order, we want Strokes Gained Off The Tee, Approaches/GIR from 200 plus yards, Scrambling and Putting. Also, form does matter, so we will also be looking for players in form and with solid course history.

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