Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | BMW Championship PGA 2017 | Fedex Cup

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks Preview | BMW Championship PGA 2017 | Fedex Cup

A full week of no previews. Have you missed me? I missed you. We really don’t talk too much these days, and I’d like to take the blame for it, as I normally do after you reverse it on me, but in this case, I really do think it’s more your fault. All I ask is for your respect and I get nothing. What do I have to do? Be one of the final 30 to qualify for the Tour Championship next week? Is that it? Well, guess what? I’m gonna do that and  then I’m never gonna talk to any of you jackasses again. How do you like that? Eat my shit and die fuckers…………….Ok, I think I went a little overboard, sorry. Onto the golf course.

Conway Farms is a Par 71, 7132 yard test of golf and home of this years BMW Championship. It’s only other two PGA appearances were the 2013 $ 2015 BMW Championships. Coincidence? I think not. And boy, were those years completely different.

The leaderboard in 2013 was an interesting one. Also, two of the top three players were short hitters off the tee, then four of the top seven, and five of the top ten. Five of the top seven players on the leaderboard were top 21 in driving accuracy for the week, and four of them were top six. If you look at driving distance for the week, you’ll notice that distance didn’t matter that much, but also, distance for all players was significantly lower for everyone compared to their averages. So the questions begs, why? Even though this course is only 7132 yards, on many holes there are strategic bunkers in place. Most players chose to avoid messing with them, so they laid up short. However, some big hitters went right over them with carries of 275 plus off the tee needed.

Now, fast forward to 2015, and the game was in the midst of change. Long hitters became a norm and they just pummelled this course. Hitting fairways didn’t matter at all and the leaderboard was filled with long hitters that weren’t considered great putters, minus Jason Day who could putt at the time.

Now we’re in 2017 and players have gotten even longer than ever and that’s where we’ll focus our strategy for the week. Long hitters who make birdies and score on the Par 5’s as that should be half your score or more. We hope the putter shows up too but we aren’t going to sweat the putter. This course will be about opportunities and unless they grow the rough to penalize the long hitters, we don’t see this being different from 2015.

So that’s it for this weeks BMW Championship preview.

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