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  1. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: US Open!   

    Lets get some convo going here about this thing. I think a ton of people will be on Charl bc of last week and he looks like he can play here. Im avoiding Kevin Na completely bc he is already complaining about the rough. Link below is a good website to poke around. They rank Mats as the highest rated for the course. I havent listened to anything yet or done any real research but Hideki was going to be the guy I start with, may have to rethink that if he is being talked up.
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  2. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: Fanduel   

    I told you guys before to head over to Fanduel because it was easy money because there was actual strategy involved on where you play guys. Well they have now done away with that. I guess they got flooded with complaints and have now switched it up so that all the 'sharps' have a HUGE advantage. Now if you are like me, when you get 6 out of 6 you give a lil fist pump bc you know it is hard as fuck some weeks. Well Fanduel made it extremely tough for the avg player going all 8 golfers on you. 8. WTF??? I had a bad week in general so maybe it isnt fair of me to judge it off of 1 week. Buuuuuut soooooo many guys with blue stars around their names (guys who make a living doing this) were the only ones who had 8 for 8 LU's. Just my opinion but the more golfers you add, the harder it gets for guys like me with real jobs to be competitive. Im going to give it 1 more week and have a strategy of doing basically a CASH LU for at least 6 golfers in any and all contests Im in. Then on the GPP's throw in 2 fliers. How would you approach their new format???
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  3. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: DEAN & DELUCA Cheat Sheet   

    something to fuck around with. 
    Dean Deluca Invitational Survival Guide.xlsx
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  4. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: DEAN & DELUCA Cheat Sheet   

    No FanDuel this week  
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  5. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: No Chat = More Forum Posts!!! Bryon Nelson   

    so without a chat function Im gonna try to bring back the posting on here. Lil half pat on the back last week for me. Lost like 50% on FantasyDraft (easily the hardest site for me week in and week out) but I doubled my money in both DK and Fanduel (if you arent taking advantage of fanduel people you are losing money). Not a week goes by where I dont make something on Fandeul. The scoring is weird with the first 2 rounds and the weekend rounds split up between 8 golfers but people havent quite figured it out yet. If you want in and some tips, hit me up and ill share the strategy that has worked for me so far. 
    Now on to this week. I always just fire out 1 LU and have it save all my spots in the contests I like, then I adjust later but always keep my first impression in a few gpps. This week my team on dk came out to: Spieth (with the MC last week and this being in his back yard I peg him as the favorite to win), An, Leish, Moore, Charl and Spaun rounded me out. Wicked chalky with cut makers there but the value was good on all of them I thought. 
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  6. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: The Riv   

    no 6for6 for me this week. ending with only losing $3 is a win I guess. 
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  7. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: The Riv   

    Only putting this here bc I just saw it. But FD pricing is wayyyyyy tougher and normal than what DK is this week. 
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  8. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: The Bill Belichick Open   

    made my money back despite having an AWFUL Sunday. Things could have gone so much better. All of my guys were the only ones on the course to shoot over par annnnnd DJ and Day making runs. Nothing went right on Sunday besides Spieth holding on. 
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  9. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: The Bill Belichick Open   

    Yea I agree with you on Day's ownership. He is in my contrarian LU.
    But I ended up heavy on Spieth/Rose Combos. Reed/Rose/Sned. and wound up with more than I like on Stricker and Beef
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  10. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: The Bill Belichick Open   

    Fresh off his win in Houston, Belichick laces em up again to dominate Pebble Beach. Im late to the party on this week and havent looked at pricing on either site or any analysis because I have been blacked out for the past 3 days. A birthday lumped in to a Super Bowl win will do that to the best of them (which I am not so you can imagine where Im at right now). So why am I even writing this you ask? No clue, just wanted a platform to say you are all blessed to be living in a Brady/Belichick era because it wont happen like this ever again in sports. 

    P.S. last week I cashed out, nothing big but in the plus. Thank you Hideki and surprisingly I had a lot of Webb and even a few Ben An's thrown in there. So solid weekend for me all around. So thats a little update on me as I know you all care about how I do and how I am! 
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  11. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: We Are Farmers....   

    grrrrrrr this is why Aces was good. No Day or DJ. pricing was stroud so going high meant you paid for it. FD is sooooo soft that you could get Day and Dj and have your team look amazing still. Im in a 40 person one where 0 got 6/6. wtf....
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  12. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: We Are Farmers....   

    Nothing like waking up to see Aces completely shut down and sold off to FD. Not knowing how much money you have in your account is fun, also was putting in the work to build LU's over there over the past few days. But we digress. So I move over to FD and do a lil freak out and start building LU's like crazy. Before I know it Im in a ton. After day 1 I am cashing in exactly 0 of these. Moral of this story is dont put together LU's while angry. Also dont put in guys you were using for SalaryPro LU's into real LU's on the soft ass pricing on FD. Bc you get fucked. 
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  13. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: Career Builder   

    phew, won by the skin of my teeth on that one. Phil played well but stamina was not his friend. Very avg Sunday for him while Reed looked good on the weekend getting me the win!
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  14. Pinballz45 added a post in a topic: Career Builder   

    I have laid off betting matchups for awhile but when you tell me someone is coming off 2 hernia surgeries, I will bet against them every time. Hernias are no joke, tmi  I was born with one (was doing squats in the womb) and when I finally had surgery I couldnt walk for months. So I hammered Reed -1.5 v Phil
    and while writing this the red wings just tied it at 5-5 while being down 4-1 v my Bruins, fml. 
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